ECPAT Belgium is an associate partner in this three-year project (2012-2015) coordinated by ECPAT France and implemented in 22 European countries and outside Europe (Africa/ South America).

This project has four main objectives:

  • Establishment of quality information on sex tourism involving children and analysis of the feasibility of implementing or strengthening reporting structures in 5 Sub-Saharan countries
  • Awareness of travelers and the general public about sexual tourism involving children with a focus on sporting events
  • Establishment or strengthening of online reporting mechanisms in 16 European countries in collaboration with the Police and promotion of reporting of case of abuses to the general public
  • Completion of 60 training sessions for tourism professionals and 111 sessions in tourism schools, development of training online, webinar and a smartphone application

Diffusion of the campaign

As an associate partner, ECPAT Belgium's missions are to promote the European platform and to disseminate awareness materials in Belgium via the Internet, social networks, partners and tourism fairs. Like all partners, ECPAT Belgium will also promote and disseminate the reporting manual for the hotel sector recently published by ECPAT France in corporation with ACCOR and DCI.

The campaign aims at sensitizing travelers who will assist to the football World Cup, particularly supporters, on existing laws related to the use of a child for prostitution, the consequences for child victims and the risks of « temptation » in a particularly festive and exotic environment. A European platform linking all national online reporting mechanisms will also be implemented during 2014.

The “Don’t Look Away” campaign does not aim to stigmatize supporters but to inform and raise awareness among them. Football supporters do not represent a group particularly at risk but may be confronted to situations in which they may be tempted to pay for sex with a minor.

Activities undertaken in 2013

On June 13 and 14 2013, ECPAT France organized an international expert meeting in Warsaw (Poland) in which ECPAT Belgium participated as associate partner. This meeting focused on the fight against child sex exploitation in tourism during major sporting events and the exchange of good practice to allow Brazil to benefit from the experience of countries such as Great Britain, Germany/Austria, South Africa and Poland/Ukraine who recently hosted major sporting events.

The campaign was officially launched at the Salon International French Travel Market Top Resa in Paris on September 24, 2013. In November, ECPAT France has released the campaign materials to all project partners.

ECPAT Belgium began the process of dissemination of the campaign via its social networks and worked on the possibility to develop an awareness activity on child sex tourism during major sporting events via the Stop child prostitution campaign.

Activities undertaken in 2014

Within the framework of the Stop Child Prostitution Campaign, ECPAT Belgium adapted the “Don’t Look Away” materials from ECPAT France to raise awareness of the possible sexual exploitation of children during the 2014 World Cup. These materials were massively disseminated through the networks of the partners and coupled with a press release, a Q&A and two analyses on the topic.

The campaign is supported by well-known Brazilian footballers, such as Kaká and Juninho Pernambucano, and targets all travellers who are attending the World Cup 2014. With around 60 million children in Brazil and 12 host cities, the increase in the number of tourists may also increase the chances of child sexual exploitation.  The campaign gives the means to report suspicious cases through the European line or the national hotline 



ECPAT Belgium has participated to the Train the Trainer meeting that was held in Freiburg (8-10 October) in order for the ECPAT groups to learn new methodologies on how to train the private sector on the issue of child sexual exploitation.