In 2012-2013, ECPAT Belgium was the partner of a project implemented by Action, Jeunesse, Environnement (AJE), a NGO based in Dakar which works in the field of human rights and child rights.

This project aimed at drawing a picture of the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Senegal, using the "Participative Research Action", methodology which puts the children at the center of the research process. Supported by AJE social workers, children taking part in that project are themselves responsible for:

  • collecting data among young people involved in prostitution
  • identifying and prioritizing the problems
  • analyzing the data and finding the root-causes
  • drafting concrete actions to tackle the issue

The research took place in Dakar but also in Tikine, Toubacouta, Thiaroye, Ben Baraque and Malika.

Participation of children has always been promoted and used inside the ECPAT International movement. This is why ECPAT Belgium fully supports the AJE project.