ECPAT was born in 1990 in Asia as an international campaign against the sexual exploitation of children in Asian Tourism, launched by NGO members, lawyers, teachers ... At this time, ECPAT meant End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism. The ECPAT campaign quickly found relays on different continents and was extended to the fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the world.

In 1996, ECPAT was the co-founder of the First World Congress against sexual exploitation of children for commercial purposes, in Stockholm.

Following the Congress, ECPAT has chosen to be an international NGO. In 1996, ECPAT’s original name End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism was changed to End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking in Children for sexual purposes, reflecting the organization’s geographic expansion and broader mandate.

ECPAT Groups around the world
ECPAT Groups around the world

The ECPAT network has grown over the years and is now composed of 81 member groups in 74 countries. Some groups are large coalitions of NGOs, while some are small grassroots organizations.

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ECPAT is the only internationally recognized organization that focuses exclusively on the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Its members are fighting against it by ensuring support for victims, conducting public information campaigns and working together with governments to help children at risk.

During the last International Assembly, the ECPAT network approved 4 Strategic Orientations (2015-2018) necessary to achieve its mission to fight against commercial sexual exploitation of children:

  • Put children’s voices at the heart of ECPAT’s work
  • Build a global campaign to end commercial sexual exploitation of children
  • Improve research, knowledge creation and dissemination
  • Extend and reinforce the ECPAT International network around the world

To understand the story of ECPAT International, watch this short video: