Dear travellers

Dear traveller,

You for whom the Easter period means holidays and chocolate eggs. You already packed your belongings to take off for a while, away from the daily grind.

Where you go, there are child victims of abuse and sexual exploitation. For them, there are no holidays.

If you witness any suspicious situation, it is your duty not to turn a blind eye. If any event occurring suggests that you might be witnessing a case of child abuse or sexual exploitation, please report.

You can report the situation on the I say STOP! website. When you report, try to answer the questions who, where and when. You should report even when unaware of the names of the abuser or victim. The more accurate the information provided, the easiest for the police to open an investigation. What signs might alert you? For example, a child/teenager with an adult who does not seem to belong to the same family (e.g. do not speak the same language), an adult alone with a minor who does not look comfortable… Even if you carry some doubt concerning the nature of the behaviors you are witnessing, report the facts. Thanks to you, an inquiry may be started and the police will find out whether there really is a situation of sexual abuse. The campaign I say STOP! is an initiative of the STOP group, coordinated by ECPAT Belgium. This group gathers institutional actors and NGOs fighting together against child sexual exploitation.