Join the Blue Heart Campaign !

Did you know that 30 July is the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons?
This year the focus is set on the protection of children against this crime.

Because 1/3 of the trafficked victims worldwide are under 18.
Because a transnational crime requires a transnational response
Because exploitaion of children happens everywhere, also in Belgium
Because all of us should be aware of the signs

Join the BlueHeart Campaign and say no to child trafficking.

Go4Tips, what is that ?

The new app Go4Tips « I say STOP ! » is an innovative tool developed by ECPAT Belgium to raise awareness of citizens and professionnels about the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.
How much do you remember after a training ? Not so much if you don’t re-activate the content on a regular basis.

With the help of interactive cards that can be downloaded for free, everyone can test his/her knowledge about the topic but also remember how to react when faced with a situation of potential abuse. Try it, you will not regret it !

3147 times thank you !

Thanks to your incredible support, ECPAT Belgium has collected 3147 euro for the (Dé)clic project. We will be able to continue our prevention activities on online safety with the youth. The project will be implemented as from September 2018. If you know a school or center for unaccompanied foreign minors that would be interested by the project, please share their contact details.

Once again, thank you for your generosity and stay tuned !

Child protection Summit in Colombia

Put 400 committed professionnals from different sectors and different countries in the same room.
Make share their experience in the fight against sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.
And you will get innovative solutions to better handle this crime internationally, such as the Call for Action

It is exactly what happened during the International Child Protection Summit organised by the Colombian government and ECPAT Colombia (6-7 June, Bogota)

During this conference, ECPAT Belgium was invited to share good practices against sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism. It was the opportunity to present the “I say STOP!” campaign, a unique initiative in Europe, as well as the innovative methods used by ECPAT Belgium to raise awareness on the topic.

The General Assembly of the ECPAT movement also took place in Bogota (5 June). An important moment for the 102 ECPAT groups to enhance synergies and strategies against sexual exploitation of children worldwide. Motivating but also mouving moments !

Conference « Prostitution of minors and young people »

ECPAT Belgium has been invited to speak during the Conference “Prostitution of minors and young people” organised by the Centre Femmes-Hommes of Verviers and Isala.

An important conference given the lack of information about the topic. Different aspects have been explored : which forms does the prostitution of minors take in Belgium ? What are the root causes ? How does the law tackle the phenomenon ? A survivor has shared her story which showed how isolated a victim of sexual exploitation can be.

The presence of politicians was encouraging though. Sophie Lambert, Isabelle Stommen and Hélène Ryckmans have called for urgent measures to better protect minors and reminded their willingness to implement concrete initiatives. To be continued.

30 days to collect 3000 euro!

Due to lack of funding, ECPAT Belgium will stop its online safety activities with the youth.

It’s revolting because children must be protected against sexual exploitation ! 

That’s why ECPAT Belgium has launched a crowdfunding. We have 30 days to collect 3000 euro.


Did you know that? 
In Europe, 33% of children aged 11 to 16 met strangers online.
It can happen to every child, everywhere.

What if it were your child?
Supporting (Dé)clic means directly contributing to an innovative project focusing on peer-2-peer prevention activities.

Thank you for your contribution !

They did it !

For the first time, ECPAT Belgium has participated to the 20km race of Brussels and it was a big success !

Our brave runners have taken up the challenge and raised more than 600 euro to fight against sexual exploitation of children.

Thank you to our amazing team and … see you next year !

ECPAT Belgium at Science Expo

Science Expo is an exhibition of scientific projects for and by the youth which takes place every year in Brussels.

The sexual exploitation of children has nothing to do with maths. Are you sure ?

In the exhibition, there is a « Village Society » aimed at raising awareness of the youth on social issues. This year’s topic was gender-based violence.  ECPAT Belgium had to be present!

We have given different workshops around online safety issues to raise awareness of teenagers about the risks of sexual exploitation. Very interesting for them… and for us!

Dear travellers

Dear traveller,

You for whom the Easter period means holidays and chocolate eggs. You already packed your belongings to take off for a while, away from the daily grind.

Where you go, there are child victims of abuse and sexual exploitation. For them, there are no holidays.

If you witness any suspicious situation, it is your duty not to turn a blind eye. If any event occurring suggests that you might be witnessing a case of child abuse or sexual exploitation, please report.

You can report the situation on the I say STOP! website. When you report, try to answer the questions who, where and when. You should report even when unaware of the names of the abuser or victim. The more accurate the information provided, the easiest for the police to open an investigation. What signs might alert you? For example, a child/teenager with an adult who does not seem to belong to the same family (e.g. do not speak the same language), an adult alone with a minor who does not look comfortable… Even if you carry some doubt concerning the nature of the behaviors you are witnessing, report the facts. Thanks to you, an inquiry may be started and the police will find out whether there really is a situation of sexual abuse. The campaign I say STOP! is an initiative of the STOP group, coordinated by ECPAT Belgium. This group gathers institutional actors and NGOs fighting together against child sexual exploitation.