European training in Freiburg

How can we ensure that reports of sexual exploitation of children abroad actually lead to investigations? At a meeting in Freiburg (7th-8th November), police officers and ECPAT groups from 10 European countries discussed this issue. 

This meeting was an opportunity to present the recent studies published by ECPAT:

  • Reluctance to report, long and short versions
  • Comparison of reporting platforms in Europe 

This extremely enriching meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the difficulties travellers face when reporting sexual abuse while travelling abroad. The strengths and weaknesses of the reporting platforms in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands were also on the agenda. This was an opportunity to review the number of reports received since the launch of the national sites. The meeting ended with the validation of minimum quality standards, criteria that national platforms must meet to ensure maximum efficiency (what information should appear on the site, processing procedure, protection of personal data, etc.)