Save the date! By the name of Tania

To mark the 13th EU Anti-Trafficking Day, ECPAT Belgium invites you to attend the premiere of a powerful movie “By the name of Tania” on October 18, 19:00 at Cinéma Palace in Brussels. 

The screening will be followed by an exchange moderated by ECPAT, together with the co-director of the movie and field actors. 

Based on real testimonies, “By the name of Tania” tells the story of a teenage girl forced into prostitution in Peru’s gold mining region. Trapped by false promises of employment, the young woman gradually finds herself dispossessed of her rights, and more deeply of her identity. By tracing Tania’s journey with great respect, this film, presented at the Berlinale 2019, gives a voice to these teenage girls who have been deprived of it.

Thanks to the City of Brussels, 80 free seats available. Book your seat via