IMG_4774To conclude those two fruitful years, ECPAT Belgium and all the participants of the project are launching today the Make-IT-Safe tools.

All in all, it is 6 video clips, 3 comics and 2 training manuals that are published and made available to all those who want to use them with other youth groups.

The tools cover topics such as right of publicity, securing passwords, respect of privacy, sexting, grooming and online harassment.

The awareness raising tools (videos & photo-novellas) have been developed by different groups of young Belgians : scouts, schools, AMO, centres for unaccompanied minors. While the two training manuals, one for youngsters, the other for the coaches have respectively been produced by ECPAT Austria and ECPAT Netherlands.



Would you do in the street everything you do on the net? 

Your screen doesn’t protect you in real life

Your acts can have huge consequences

When you share a picture, you’re exposing yourself

It takes time to build trust

You can learn how to properly use Internet



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For further informations :

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