Traveling to Brazil, don’t look away from child prostitution!


In preparation of the World Cup, the working group “Stop Child Prostitution” launches a new national campaign against the sexual exploitation of children for travelers going to Brazil, specifically to supporters who are attending the World Cup. The sexual exploitation of children is an alarming phenomenon in Brazil. The exceptional rise in tourists during this global event creates an increased risks of the sexual exploitation of children.

The partners of the “Stop Child Prostitution” campaign want to remind the travelers that if, on the spot, they are witnesses of the sexual exploitation of children, they can call the number 100 to directly report all cases of sexual exploitation to the Brazilian authorities. It is also possible to report the cases of sexual exploitation upon arrival in Belgium, or by the Belgian police using the link eCops through the site or through the contact point

Press Release Stop Child Prostitution (in French)

FAQ World Cup and Child Sex Tourism

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