New “I say STOP!” campaign: report all sexual abuse of children!

Did you know?

  • About 1.8 million children are sexually exploited every year.
  • Most perpetrators of child sexual abuse abroad did not plan their act.

On the European Day Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse of Children, ECPAT Belgium launched its new campaign “I say STOP!”.

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness among the public, travellers and tourism professionals about the problem of sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism. The website created specifically for this campaign make it possible to report online sexual abuse observed while travelling abroad.

A simple, effective way to help a child in danger.

Are you witnessing an abuse? Report it on You will also find our campaign videos , as well as the necessary information to find out if a situation is suspicious and what follow-up is reserved for your report.

This campaign is an initiative of the STOP group, a coalition of NGOs, institutional, public and private stakeholders who have been working for many years against the commercial sexual exploitation of children.