Almost one third of the trafficked victims worldwide are children. The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is the occasion for ECPAT Belgium to remind the importance of prevention. In March 2017, we have published a brochure to inform migrant children potential victims of trafficking about their rights in Belgium. Please disseminate widely. Together, we must act against trafficking in human beings.

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How are children (potential) victim of trafficking identified and protected in Belgium? What is the role of guardians and lawyers? After an in-depth desk-research, ECPAT Belgium interviewed around 20 field workers to try to answer these questions. The study concludes with recommendations for various stakeholders.

The study is based on a national research carried out in the framework of the EU-funded ReACT project (Reinforcing Assistance to Child victims of Trafficking), conducted in partnership with ECPAT France, ECPAT Germany ECPAT Netherlands and ECPAT UK.

Ariane Couvreur from ECPAT Belgium & Didier Reynders, Belgium's Foreign Affairs MinisterOn November 6, ECPAT Belgium held a press conference for the launch of its website I say STOP ! in the presence of the Foreign Affairs Minister, Didier Reynders.

This tool, a real innovation in the fight against sexual exploitation of children, received general support as well as the  special intervention of the Minister, who has extensively mentioned the importance and the crucial role of the I say STOP website.

M. Reynders was not the only one, many journalists as well as a very motivated collective including all the partners within the Group STOP and some financial sponsors came to the event to support the initiative.

This website is an initiative of the STOP Group, composed of the Police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Justice, the Tourist Industry Federation, the Belgian Carriers Federation, Plan Belgium, Child Focus, the Samilia Foundation and ECPAT Belgium. It has been developed by

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