Kick off of the CAPISCE project

Since October 2019, ECPAT Belgium has been a partner on the CAPISCE project (Child victims of trafficking: Access to Protection and Information based on their Specific needs during Criminal investigation and procEedings).

The aim of the project is to strengthen protection of child victims of trafficking during legal proceedings. Through research, ECPAT Belgium will analyse existing mechanisms in this field in order to identify good practices and improvements that will be necessary for the juridical system to respond more adequately to the needs of the victims.

A training module for interpreters will also be created. It will cover different aspects such as legislation, psychological approach, ethical bases so that these professionals can actively integrate and respect children’s rights into their practice.

This project runs in partnership with ECPAT Italia, ECPAT France, ECPAT-DCI Nederland and EULITA and is funded by the European Union for a period of two years.