National CAPISCE workshop

In the framework of the CAPISCE project, ECPAT Belgium will develop modules to train interpreters on child trafficking. Interpreters have an extremely important role to play in enforcing children’s right to understand and being understood. This is why they must be informed on the specific features related to the interpretation of the testimonies of children who are victims of trafficking.

In order to develop the content of the training modules, ECPAT Belgium organised a consultation workshop with professionals from different sectors (Centers for victims of trafficking, Police, Guardians, Foreign offices, Social services, Interpreters). The goal was to select different topics to be developed in the modules.

Following this workshop, the content of the trainings had been validated during a meeting in Brussels (4th of February), bringing together the CAPISCE project partners: ECPAT France, ECPAT Belgium, ECPAT Italy, ECPAT Netherlands and EULITA. The modules will contain several parts such as a definition of trafficking, terminology, psychological aspects, deontology and role-playing. All that remains to be done is to finalise and evaluate the training modules!