I say Stop: it’s up to you to act!


Going on a trip abroad this summer? Stay alert and help us fight against the sexual exploitation of children even in another country!

James saw a tourist with a local teenage girl dancing intimately in Kenya.

You witnessed a tourist intimately touching a young Cambodian boy on the beach or a young Russian girl entering the room of a person she doesn’t seem to know? Please note that you can report these situations on our platform www.isaystop.com.

You have doubts? You are not alone. A recent ECPAT study has shown that travellers often have hesitations. Will I put the child at risk? Is this really an abusive situation? People also do not know where to report, the site I say STOP! remains unknown for the general public.

These questions are legitimate but it is always better to report to not leave a child in a dangerous situation. When reporting, be as specific as possible and try to answer these questions: who? (physical description, spoken language…), where? (country, city, restaurant, beach, geolocation data…), when? (it is best to report as soon as possible) and what? (describe gestures, behaviours).

If you would like more information, follow the summer campaign of ECPAT groups in Europe on social networks!