Are you an actor? Professional or amateur? We need your help! 

We are prioritizing our search for 

👤 non-white people, volunteers, 
🎥 who can tell a story on camera, 
📖 based on real-life situations, where travelers have been faced with potential cases of child sexual abuse abroad and didn’t know how to react. 
🗣 The scripts are already written and will not last more than 30 seconds each. 
📍The shooting will take place end of February, in Brussels. 

Expenses for travel may be provided in Belgium only.

Are you interested? 

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Are the (inter)national reporting mechanisms efficient to collect reports of child sexual exploitation in travel and tourism? What would be the improvements needed to ensure that the information provided by travelers can be used in investigations and lead to prosecutions? ECPAT is pleased to announce the publication of a new study which aim was to collect and compare information regarding the international reporting platform ( as well as the national reporting portals (Austria, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands).  

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How many people would be willing to report cases of sexual exploitation while travelling abroad? To answer this question, we asked 1081 participants from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. 

The interesting conclusions of the survey have been published in a new study, that allowed us to better understand the obstacles to report suspicious situations of child sexual exploitation. If you don’t want to read 40 pages, we’ve made it easier for you with this brochure.

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How can minors be protected from sexual exploitation? ECPAT Belgium was delighted to present its prevention projects during a morning of reflection organized at the French-speaking Parliament of Brussels, around the “practices of cyberbullying with gender prisms”. The morning was punctuated by interventions, where each of them were very interesting. Thank you to the Université des Femmes for involving ECPAT Belgium in the programme.

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In the context of the CAPISCE project, ECPAT Belgium is looking for the following positions:

Interested? Apply before the 2nd of December 2019. CV’s and covering letters should be sent to

How can we ensure that reports of sexual exploitation of children abroad actually lead to investigations? At a meeting in Freiburg (7th-8th November), police officers and ECPAT groups from 10 European countries discussed this issue. 

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A call for testimonies

Have you ever been disturbed by an adult’s behaviour towards a child/teenager? The gestures and the looks given seemed inappropriate to you, but you didn’t know how to react?

For our next communication campaign, we are looking for testimonies from people who have been faced with potential child sexual abuse situations.

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Full room for the premiere of “By the name of Tania”! A film that did not leave the 120 participants unresponsive and gave rise to a captivating exchange on human trafficking, with the presence of the co-directors and the non-profit organisation PAG-ASA. 

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Since October 2019, ECPAT Belgium has been a partner on the CAPISCE project (Child victims of trafficking: Access to Protection and Information based on their Specific needs during Criminal investigation and procEedings).

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Professionals from the youth sector are on the front line in detecting potential cases of sexual exploitation and trafficking of children. Unfortunately, they are often too unequipped to identify signs of concern and take appropriate actions to protect victims.

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