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East meets West

How can the collaboration between ECPAT members from Eastern and Western Europe be strengthened? A very inspiring exchange of good practices on 16 May in Vienna, where ECPAT Belgium presented the (De)clic project. Many ideas for joint projects emerged at the end of this session, which brought together about thirty groups from Europe and Central […]

ReACT training

A first! ECPAT Belgium trained 40 workers in the youth care sector to detect and react to cases of child trafficking. Using interactive and participatory methodologies, different questions were discussed with the participants: what are the forms of trafficking encountered in Belgium? What indicators should alert? What procedure should be followed in case of suspicion? […]

You were 600…

… to participate in our survey on the reporting of chid sexual exploitation in travel and tourism. Thank you so much ! The results will now be analyzed. Stay tuned!

12th European Forum on the Rights of the Child

“Where are we and where do we want to go? “These were the questions that guided the 250 participants from all over Europe during 2 days (April 3 and 4). Objective: to better protect the rights of the child. ECPAT Belgium is pleased that specific attention has been paid to the participation of children, particularly […]

Déclic invites itself to Namur

Real pros! On 29 March, the 20 students trained by ECPAT Belgium led a workshop on online safety for the rest of the school. Engaging activities with a strong message. We talked about cyberbullying, intimate space, sexting, privacy but also how to secure your settings on social networks. Thank you to the Établissement de Sœurs […]

Help child victims of sexual exploitation and win a prize!

Tourism has many positive effects on society, such as creating jobs or boosting the economy. Unfortunately, there are also negative effects, such as the sexual exploitation of children. Children have the right to be protected and we must act to protect them. ECPAT Belgium is participating in a study organised by ECPAT Netherlands and the […]

Regional ECPAT Europe Consultation

How to make the fight against the sexual exploitation of children a priority for the European Union? How can the collaboration between ECPAT members be enhanced in Europe? On 4 and 5 March 2019, European ECPAT groups met in Berlin to develop effective strategies to end the sexual exploitation of children.